Mosaic pallet table

My sister and I make this rustic table for the back patio. This is the prototype but I know there will be more to come.

IMG 01871 600x450 Mosaic pallet table in pallet furniture pallet outdoor project  with Table Pallets Furniture

Idea sent by Colleen Cailes !


  1. soledad - 28/04/2013

    beautiful, so beautiful

  2. lisa - 12/06/2013

    I would like to do something similar whit an old table I’ve got standing here. Could you give me some pointers as in what did you use as ’tile’, thes look like peices of colored glass, i like how vibrant they look.
    Thanks a lot! Hope to hear from you!

    • Colleen - 09/03/2014

      Thanks so much to all of you for the compliments. We used stained glass scraps as well as left over mirror pieces. I have made many more since this one. Will try and post some of those. Also staining and painting small side tables. They have turned out great.

  3. Michele M. - 24/06/2013

    Fabulous idea. I must make one.

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