Little Pallets Playhouse

I decide to make this playhouse from the scrap wood, pallets, I found all the wood around my area. Inside walls are cabinet sides and the roof as well.
Have to say that I dont have any carpentry experience, Terrace is not big enough to make something different and bigger, but my daughter loooooves her little playhouse :)


Idea sent by Ilija Tomas !

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  1. Vanette Ralston King via Facebook - February 10, 2013


  2. Heather Gaia Thorpe via Facebook - February 10, 2013

    Or chook house or large dog kennel etc etc etc

  3. Necia Ro-Wash - November 28, 2013

    Don Manuel, this is made out of pallets.

  4. Melanie Steigers Gibbs - February 10, 2015

    I need to build this for my grand babies

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