Pallets ceiling

Another pallets idea, make a ceiling with repurposed pallets. We have already seen use of pallets on bathroom wall and on floor….now you can do the complete room with pallets (but will be too much I think…) !

Pallet Furniture Plans for Bedroom Ceiling Pallets ceiling in pallets ceiling roof pallets architecture  with Pallets

++ More information at Maple Leaves & Sycamore Trees website !


  1. Mitch - 05/02/2013

    Was wondering if you could change the more information to since that is the actual source.

  2. Neokentin - 06/02/2013

    @Mitch : Ok it’s done, sorry for the mistake !

  3. Ptit Dhom
    Ptit Dhom - 25/12/2013

    Bonne idée !!! Comment ont elles été fixées au plafond ???

  4. Angelica Santos
    Angelica Santos - 27/12/2013

    Ai Renato boa ideia pra vc .

  5. Ron Strait
    Ron Strait - 03/03/2014

    im getting ready to do mine, I am putting 3/8 in plywood up first then the planks. Hope that helps.

  6. Lorenza Righini
    Lorenza Righini - 02/04/2014

    si può scrivere “mi piace un sacco”???? ;-)

  7. Hildagard Meldau Du Plessis
    Hildagard Meldau Du Plessis - 02/04/2014

    netjies en rakties !!!! werk in n braaikamer!

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